Day 58:We’ve Reached St. Augustine!



April 23, 2016

Palatka, FL to St. Augustine, FL

Day: 39.6 miles; Total: 3,134.2 miles

Elevation Gain: 300′

Map Link:


We packed up the bike panniers one last time and headed out across the St John’s River. Our route had us winding north and even west through farms, and then along the river, before heading actually east into our end point. We rode though the town of Hastings, the potato capital of Florida , and saw lots of potato fields. The western turns brought us out the the river with its nice homes and docks, and then we finally turned east.

We entered St. Augustine and joined the throngs of tourists on the streets, along with horse drawn carriages, tour trams and other ways to see this historic city.  At the end of the official ACA Southern Tier route, there standing by the Bridge of Lions, was a wonderful group of local CCI folks and their dogs, cheering us on. It was just a perfect way to end this long ride to raise awareness for this great organization and we so appreciated their being there to greet us. Very exciting!

We gathered for a fun lunch and enjoyed making new friends! Thank you all for taking the time to come out for this!


Heading out one last time on this trip



Over the St John’s River



Mellow flat riding


These palms have been all over the Florida forests we’ve seen


Spuds Farms



Life along the river




The Canine Companions group !


Celebrating with Traveler


Not exactly dipping the wheels, but close enough!


Regal V

We have one more piece of news that we received a few days ago. We are very excited that Regal, the puppy we turned in mid February before leaving on this trip, has been selected to be a Canine Companions Breeder. She will return to us and we will be her Breeder Caretakers . A new road awaits us all!



Support Canine Companions for Independence.

Donate at our event page.

See details about our Southern Tier route.

14 thoughts on “Day 58:We’ve Reached St. Augustine!

  1. Thanks for your stories and dedication to Canine Companions. I’m thrilled you will have Regal back and think of all the new adventures ahead of you as her breeder caretakers… puppies!

  2. Congratulations on reaching the Atlantic, sharing the mission of CCI mile after mile. What a perfect finale to have fellow puppy raisers see you across the “finish line.” Our hats are off to all who make a difference in the world through these wonderful dogs. How great that you will be taking care of Regal in her adventures ahead. Thank you for steadily posting your blog, and have a safe trip home to that beautiful dog.

    • Thank you for your ever constant loyal support for our biking, our blog and particularly for your generous support for Canine Companions. Your mid trip rendezvous with us in Austin was just the best!XOXO

  3. To my heroes! You two are inspirational, motivational, and a little bit sore, perhaps??!
    I mean it. It has been such an incredibly fun read each time I log on to your blog and see my dear friends living such a wild and crazy adventure. Forty days!!!!! From California to Florida! I mean…who DOES THAT????? I am so looking forward to having you back on this coast. And happy you are flying to get here too. Much love and mazel tov!

    • Hi Naomi, thank you but you give us too much credit. At 40 days we had only made it to the end of the Texas part😀🚴😀. As always, we appreciate your support and can’t wait to connect up when we are home.

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