April 24: And in Conclusion…

We have some more photos to show you from our fun meet ups yesterday with the Canine Companions Jacksonville Puppy Outing Group .

This trip was a learning experience as all travel is, and a challenging adventure for us, but most of all, it was a rewarding  chance to help raise awareness for this great organization. The Canine Companions volunteers , graduates and staffers from west to east, who took the time to make contact with us and to help us in our endeavor, and who do such good work for the dogs and the graduates, really motivated  us as we rode each day. Thank you all!

Lastly, for anyone who has been inspired  to donate to this great organization which provides these highly trained assistance dogs to its graduates free of charge, please let us know your name and address so that we can personally thank you.  Canine Companions will of course acknowledge your donation but we might not be aware of what you’ve done and we do want to express our appreciation too.

The photos of the Canine Companions “welcome committee ” at the end of our ride are from Tom and Janci, and then last night we were hosted at dinner by Jacksonville POG members and very active Canine Companions volunteers Tonda and Lee Hoyt.  A lovely conclusion to a great day!


6 thoughts on “April 24: And in Conclusion…

    • Thank you! We are just so happy to be involved with this great organization. How are things with you? And Katie? I now have a neat ( dressage) horse I got last summer and looking forward to seeing him when we get home. Take care!

  1. You did it! Not that there was any doubt that you would. It was really wonderful to see you in Austin. I’m looking forward to reading your next blog – Piaffing Puppyraiser!

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