About Pedaling Puppy Raisers

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Canine Companions for Independence


Pedaling Puppy Raisers Bill & Barb. We are volunteer puppy raisers for Canine Companions for Independence. We also love bike touring and raising awareness for Canine Companions. In 2014 we rode Adventure Cycling’s Northern Tier route from Anacortes, WA to Bar Harbor, ME. In 2016 we are setting out on the Southern Tier route from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL. You can follow our travels on this blog.



Traveler is our faithful Canine Companions mascot. He helps us explain Canine Companions to the nice people we meet on our journeys. Here he is viewing Niagara Falls on our Northern Tier trip.

The wonderful puppies we have raised so far …


Regal V, shown here at eight weeks old, is starting advanced training Feb. 12, 2016


Willa puppy

Willa VI, Hearing Dog 2015



Eva VI, Hearing Dog 2012



7 thoughts on “About Pedaling Puppy Raisers

  1. Fantastic! We were not as ambitious, but did take one of the CCI Gund puppies our cruise tour to Alaska calling him Fluff Stanley. We collected pins for various stops and have continued to collect them on trips that either our CCI pups or Fluff has visited. Karrine Levy’s, who is now a researcher at CCI NW as well as a PR, father did a cross country tour fund raiser (it may have been a race) a few years back.

    • Congratulations on raising 15 puppies. We’re enjoying Traveler’s company. He’s very quiet. We’ll look forward to starting a new, lively puppy when we get home.

    • We’re glad you enjoyed the blog of our adventure. We have being involved with Canine Companions to be incredibly rewarding.

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